Exterior Detailing

1 Step Paint Correction

-  removal of hologram and light imperfection

Cars: $300     SUV / Truck: $400     Panel: $50 & Up

Interior Detailing

Interior Preserver

-  leather/vinyl/plastic conditioning of vehicle's interior 

Seats: $50 & Up     Dash/Doors/Console: $50 & Up

2 Step Paint Correction

-  removal of swirl mark, light scratches, & imperfection 

Car: $600     SUV / Truck: $800     Panel: $100 & Up

Chrome Polishing

-  Remove oxidation, rust, brake dust, tarnish, water spot, and        other contamination from chrome metal

Wheel: $25     Tailpipe:  $20

Headlight Restoration

-  Remove oxidation, cloudy, and discolored from your                  vehicle’s headlight

Single: $80    Pair: $150


-  upholstery shampooing using our 210ºF carpet Extractor

Mat: $15     Carpet: $100     Seats: $100 & Up

Pet Hair Removal

-  removal of pet hair from vehicle's interior

All Vehicle:  Estimate

Odor Removal

-  Using odor eliminator fogger to removed odor from your            vehicle interior, ventilation, and air filtration system

Car/Truck/SUV: $50

Engine Detail

-  Detailing and degreasing engine bay

All Engine:  $50

Bumper/Trim Preserver

-  Preserving and conditioning bumper and trims

All Vehicle:  Estimate

Mud/Bug Removal

-  Remove mud/bug from vehicle interior and exterior

All Vehicle:  Estimate