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MMT Ceramic Coatings

Purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, MMT Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and UV protection with a single application. Whether you wash your own vehicle or have Midtown Motor Trends do it, a ceramic coating allows you to stretch out wash cycles.



Protection Inside & Out

Interior // Exterior Coatings

Ceramic coatings are not for use exclusively on the exterior paint of your vehicle, in fact, they can be applied to every inch of your vehicle, and should be. Ceramic coatings offer a multitude of benefits when applied to plastic, glass, leather, carbon fiber, paint, wheels and more. Their hydrophobic properties make keeping the exterior and interior of your vehicle clean a breeze. Accidental spills can be easily wiped and will not soak into fabrics, but rather will hover on the surface until soaked up. Additionally, a coating will protect the whole vehicle from sun damage, eliminating discoloration or fading. Protect your whole vehicle with a ceramic coating from Midtown Motor Trends and keep your vehicle looking new for a long time.

Coating Maintenance

Midtown Motor Trends

If you’ve received a ceramic coating from Midtown Motor Trends or another ceramic coating shop in Houston, it’s crucial that you properly wash your vehicle to maintain the integrity of the coating and its beneficial properties. At Midtown Motor Trends we specialize in offering routine washes for people that have had a coating, paint protection film or a vinyl wrap applied to their vehicle, helping to ensure they receive the most value from their initial investment. Since traditional automatic car washes can be extremely harsh on the exterior of your vehicle with their rotating bristles, cheap soaps and recycled water, they can quickly ware away at the coating, ppf, or vinyl you have applied. Routine Hand Washes from Midtown Motor Trends will continue to give you that feeling you had when you first coated your vehicle and ensure it stays looking like that for a long time.

The Best Ceramic Coating On The Market

MMT Ceramic Coating

A little backstory about our Ceramic coatings and how it came about! We used to promote Ceramic Pro and other brands of ceramic coatings but what we saw over the years is that they kept making changes to their product line, making them easier to install. Although it made it quicker and easier for the professional installer to apply, we felt that it compromised the quality of the product.

Back in 2016, we were contacted by one of the largest and oldest ceramic coating companies out of Frankfurt, Germany that coats a majority of industrial equipment (trains, metro buses, buildings…etc) in which they wanting to collaborate to create an incredibly durable ceramic coating for high end vehicles. The process begins and after numerous testings, we finally had it all dialed in. The product was sent out to an independent lab for testing and after receiving our reports back, we finally realized that we achieved what we were looking for…the best coating on the market!

Ryan, The owner of PFS (with nearly 2 decades of paint protection knowledge) partnered with the help from other industry leading experts, and put their minds together to finally release a full line of Ceramic coatings products for the industry! Over the last couple of years, we’ve had it in the hands of many high-end detailers around the world getting feedback to ensure it was truly the best. More recently, we started offering it to even more select shops here in the US. Most of our users were past or current users of Ceramic Pro, Modesta and G-Techniq and have been very happy with the conversion.

So why are these Ceramic coatings only 1-2 layers of base coat when all the other brands say they offer up to 10 layers….well, that’s just “creative marketing”. If you know how chemical bonding works then it’s easier to understand that if you create the correct proportion of Sio2 (ceramic) and solvents, you can make a single layer of Ceramic instead of doing multiple layers to achieve the same micron thickness of Ceramic. The other companies make it easier for the installers to apply by adding more solvents which requires more layers because of the high solvent content that evaporates each layer. With our line, you still get the same protection but without all of the “sales fluff”…like we said, we designed it from a quality of product mindset and not a marketing angle.

We know you have many choices in the industry, but we hope that you feel comfortable putting a product on your vehicle that was completely developed for the Hyper-Car and Super-Car industry…the highest standards that is great on any vehicle.


Ceramic Coatings For:

  • Painted / Clear-coated surfaces
  • Paint protection film
  • Wrap vinyl
  • Chrome
  • Leather & Pleather
  • Plastics
  • Carpet
  • Upholstery
  • Rubber trim
  • Wheels
  • Calipers


Why have a Ceramic coating installed?

  • Protects your investment and retains vehicles resale value
  • High Gloss and Depth (Looks New All the Time!)
  • Less Maintenance, washing is quicker and easier plus no need to wax your vehicle
  • Protects against UV and Oxidation
  • Enhances protection and reduces staining when installed over Paint Protection Films
  • Helps prevent staining on wrapped vehicles and makes it easier to keep clean


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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating Common Questions

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to a car's exterior or interior surfaces. Once cured, it forms a protective layer that bonds with the paintwork or other surface, creating a durable barrier. This coating provides benefits such as enhanced gloss, water and dirt repellency, UV protection, and resistance to scratches and chemical contaminants. Essentially, it acts as a shield for the car's paint, offering long-lasting protection and a glossy, sleek appearance.
Ceramic coatings offer numerous benefits for cars, including long-lasting protection against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental contaminants. They provide a high-gloss, hydrophobic surface that repels water, dirt, and grime, making the car easier to clean. Ceramic coatings also enhance the car's appearance by adding depth and clarity to the paintwork, creating a showroom-like finish. Additionally, they offer a durable shield against minor scratches and swirl marks, preserving the car's value and reducing the need for frequent waxing or polishing