Auto Detailing Wash in Houston

Midtown Motor Trends
Detailing | 3M Tint | Paint Protection | Wraps

Midtown Motor Trends has established a reputation for being the go-to-car spa for perfecting, enhancing, and protecting the most treasured of vehicles. We have been providing hand car wash and auto detailing services since 2005.

We use reverse osmosis spot free water for our hand car wash and 295 degree commerical steamer for your interior auto detailing service. We continue to invest in providing the highest standards for auto detailing in the Houston area. Our investment includes attending SEMA, WFCT, 3M Auto Dealer Conference to learn new products, tools, and techniques.

Visit our location for an in-depth understanding of our services. As industry leaders, we are Certified and Insured. We are always educating and training to improve our skills with your high standards in mind.  

We would be honored to be your Auto Detailing Specialist!